Achievement and SIP

Measures of Student Achievement and Success

Standards or levels of student achievement contained in the Ontario Curriculum documents are used to evaluate the students' work in the various subject areas. The Education Quality Accountability Office (EQAO) testing, prepared by the Ministry of Education, is administered to Grade 3 students in the spring. Reading and Writing are tested in English and Mathematics is tested in French. Formal assessment tools are used to track reading progress in all our grades. When learning issues arise, students are tested individually by the Learning Support Teacher (LST) in consultation with teachers and parents. Students’ achievement is assessed by teachers throughout the school year using a variety of assessment strategies such as teacher observation, student participation and discussions, collaborative learning, oral reading and presentations, written assignments, projects, quizzes, dictations, rubrics, peer and self-evaluations, in order to obtain formative and summative assessments. Assessment is conducted with the following purposes in mind: assessment for learning, assessment as learning and assessment of learning.

School Improvement Plans and Initiatives


Balanced literacy programs are implemented in both English and French, as mandated by the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board. Balanced Literacy is a pedagogical approach that combines language and literature in rich learning activities within a social context to build motivation (purposeful communication), fluency (facility and comfort in the use of language) and comprehension (finding meaning and understanding). Balanced Literacy is achieved through modelling, explicit instruction, guided practice and independent rehearsal opportunities that respond to the needs and prior experiences of the individual learner. Initiatives in the English program endeavour to strengthen the level of achievement attained in EQAO testing. An intensive Early Literacy program is a key element at the Kindergarten level. We seek to review and update resources for classrooms and the library on an ongoing basis.

Numeracy - Mathematics

An integrated and interactive program in Mathematics uses resources that assist students in achieving the provincial standards in the annual EQAO testing. The use of Math journals enables students to clarify and explain their Mathematics reasoning. Thinking skills are emphasized in all areas of Mathematics: number sense and numeration, data management and probability, geometry, patterning and algebra and measurement. A focus of our School Improvement Plan this year is on Numeracy, in particular in developing communication skills in order to solve complex problems, critical thinking and reasoning skills with our students.

Social Skills and Fair Play

At Le Phare ES, we continue to implement a conflict management/anti-bullying program on an ongoing basis. Integrated with these social skills initiatives is an increased emphasis on fair play that is developed through the daily Physical Education program and an intramural sports program. Our Walk away, Ignore, Talk it out, and Seek help program (WITS) or DIRE in French ( Demander de l’aide, Ignorer, Reculer, En parler) provides a common language and a community approach to building important preventative skills to confidently respond to any potential peer victimization.

Balanced School Day

The implemented Balanced Day schedule (eighth year) maximizes learning opportunities through larger uninterrupted instructional blocks. It has contributed to the enhancement of the positive and successful school climate and the implementation of a daily physical education program with weekly indoor and outdoor components as well as a review of the nutrition components of our Health Education. The Balanced Day schedule has also allowed us to review and integrate more structured leadership opportunities for all senior students through numerous initiatives such as the milk program, lunchroom and recycling monitors, computer lab and library crew, kindergarten helpers and in many more areas of interest to students.

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